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Welcome to The Usual! We are a group of guys looking for an outlet to talk about the things we love. We talk SWTOR, geek and pop culture, Star Wars, and just about whatever the hell else we feel like. If you like what you hear, and dig what you read, please subscribe, rate us on iTunes and don't forget to share with your friends!

Marshall - Podcast host (The Usual & The Flipside), blogger, father-of-children, Star Wars addict, aspiring fantasy/sci-fi novelist, and all-around geek.                        @DarthPops    SWTOR Refer a friend link

Will - Podcast co-host (The Usual), historian, genealogist, knower-of-random-facts, and pop culture enthusiast.                                                     @iamwillgriggs    SWTOR Refer a friend link

Josh - Podcast co-host (The Flipside), history nut, follower-of-politics, driver-of-cars, and all-around stubborn American.                                                                @joshbrown38