Bringing Legacy Back

By Marshall Carr

If you’ve been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since launch, you might remember when the legacy bar was just a bar that increased as you leveled, but did nothing else. When BioWare later implemented the legacy system, it gave that sad little bar a true purpose.  Three years later, that purpose has all but vanished, yet again.

I want legacy level 50 to feel like this. Fire! Fire! Fire! Yeah! Fire!

I want legacy level 50 to feel like this. Fire! Fire! Fire! Yeah! Fire!

When I finally reached legacy level 50, I was hoping for something more. For me, it took forever to max that bar out, and now that it is, the rewards are nothing short of lackluster. After mulling it over a bit, I came up with five suggestions for what I’d like to see implemented as legacy 50 perks, and several wall of crazy ideas. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of mine, and by all means leave some of your own.

12x EXP

I’m not sure about you, but I’m having a very difficult time leveling new toons after 12x EXP went away. In fact, I haven’t gone back to any toons below 55 since 3.0 launched. I think that at legacy 50, giving us 12xp with the option to turn it on and off, would give those most invested in the game a reason to see the rest of the class stories, or incentive to run even more alts.

Solo Story Mode Flashpoints

I know I’m not the only player that spends most of their time playing solo. There are several mid-level flashpoints I still haven’t seen. With 3.0, we were gifted with the “Jesus Droid” which allowed the Forged Alliances flashpoints to be soloed one time, for story purposes. As I’m leveling new toons, it would be great to have the option to run through leveling flashpoints solo. Why not make it a legacy 50 perk? I realize that at level 60 I could run through them with no problem, but where’s the fun in that? Not that it’s terribly challenging with the Jesus Droid, but at least I’d have something to do.

Unlimited Crew Skills

Basically if I’m legacy 50, and I have more than six companions, I should be able to send all of them on crew missions, or have all of them crafting. Don’t get me wrong, adding the ability to set a sixth companion to work with 3.0 was awesome, but I have more than six companions on several toons.

Legacy Storage Credits

I’m still not sure why this isn’t a thing already, but I can’t stand mailing credits back and forth to my toons. We have legacy storage, so why not have legacy credit storage? If it’s a gold farmer issue, make it both a legacy 50 perk, and a subscriber perk. Just make it happen BioWare!

Free Mod Extraction

On my personal blog, I wrote a post after 3.0 dropped expressing my frustration with the cost of mod extractions, and ability training. Although ability training is free now, my main, which had millions of credits, is still struggling to get back on his feet. I think this would be a great legacy 50 perk, or maybe a subscriber perk. With the incoming costume feature this might not be an issue at all, but I’d love to be able to pull mods as I level from 55-60 without going broke.

I know it's expensive, but what choice do we have?

I know it's expensive, but what choice do we have?

Wall of Crazy Ideas

I won’t spend much time on these, because they are very, very far-fetched, but here we go.

Free Schematics from Crew Skill Trainer

Crazy? Sure. But it would be pretty sweet not having to pay to train crew skills at legacy 50.

Free Rocket Boots

Okay, maybe not free, but maybe at legacy 50 there’s no cooldown? Perhaps at legacy 50 it turns into an on/off switch like the sprint ability? Most bounty hunters out there would love to always be flying...right?

Straight to Level 50 After Leveling a Class to 60

This would never happen, but it would be nice to have an option to try the other advanced class without the 1-49 grind. For example, if I leveled an Assassin to 60, and I’m legacy 50, I could create a Sorcerer and start at level 50. A man can dream right?

Well, those are my ideas. Let me know what you think, or add your own in the comments below.

Posted on February 2, 2015 and filed under SWTOR.