By Will Griggs

Family Guy--"Fighting Irish"

Sadly, a wasted Liam Neeson guest appearance, although the reference to Hollywood Babble-On’s bit about his penis almost made up for it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine--"Det. Dave Majors"

Terry gets wooed by private contractors and Jake learns about the “double tuck.”

The Last Man On Earth--"Screw the Moon"

Carol picks Phil and Jason Sudekis joins the cast.

The Odd Couple--"Enlightening Strikes"

“Weird Al” doing yoga, cardio striptease, and Regis Philbin flashing a subway, oh my!

The Odd Couple--"Jealous Island"

Who knew I would hear about LARPing on a primetime show?

Lip Sync Battle--"Stephan Merchant v.  Malin Akerman

Stephen Merchant brought down the house.

CSI: Cyber--"Click Your Poison"

I hope I am never desperate enough to need to buy prescription drugs online.

Castle--"Dead from New York"

Gotta love a murder mystery centered in a fake SNL.

Dig--"The Armageddon Protocol"

Satisfying ending with a family drama, not conspiracy.

Orphan Black--"Formalized, Complex, and Costly"

Allison makes quite the little drug dealer.

The Amazing Race--"In It to Win It"

That challenge made me want to shit a brick.

The Big Bang Theory--"The Commitment Determination

This whole episode felt like a series of contrived situations, designed to create cliffhangers.

Scandal--"A Few Good Women"

I think the VP is going to end up being a much more formidable foe than Millie is anticipating.

The Blacklist--"Karakurt"

This game of chess is getting mighty interesting.