By Will Griggs

Amazing Race.jpg

The Amazing Race—“Monster Truck Heroes

Very interesting that Blind Date teams finish 1-2-3.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine--"The Chopper"

Deathblade, Sidewinder, and Velvet Thunder (aka Wet Blanket) bring the pain.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine--"Johnny and Dora"

Who's the new Captain?!?!

The Odd Couple--"The Audit Couple"

At last, they finally get together!

Scandal--"You Can't Take Command"

Talk about a house cleaning... wow!

The Blacklist--"Tom Connolly"

Keene joins an exclusive list and regains her memories.

Castle--"Hollander's Woods"

Sometimes it's frustrating when a possible series finale is filmed before the show's fate has been decided.


Evidently you can't use tiny bottles of alcohol to purchase a boarding pass in Iran.


Hugh Laurie joins the cast and immediately raises the bar.

The Comedians--"Orange You the New Black Guy"

For an episode that was pushing the envelope, it really dropped the ball in the last thirty seconds.

CSI: Cyber--"Ghost in the Machine"

And this is why I don't play first-person shooter games.

CSI: Cyber--"Bit by Bit"

The concept of currency is incredibly fluid.

CSI: Cyber--"Family Secrets"

One mystery solved, another begins.

Lip Sync Battle--"Derek Hough v. Julianne Hough"

Julianne Hough and Meghan Trainor shaking that bass on stage is enough to win me over.

Family Guy--"Take My Wife"

No matter how random the episode, it can always be saved by a Star Wars joke.