By Will Griggs

Family Guy-“Roasted Guy”

Might as well have titled this episode “Night of the 1,000 Cutaways.”


Brooklyn Nine-Nine-“AC/DC”

Intimacy buffers will become necessary at my next party.        


The Last Man on Earth-“The Tandyman Can”

Wow, all of the women were more annoying than Phil.  Sorry, Tandy.



Another “data” themed political episode bites the dust.


Lip Sync Battle-“Michael Strahan v. Hoda Kotb”

Yeah, I’m not really sure this was a contest we were all clamoring for, but it was worth it to see BBD on stage again!      


The Odd Couple-“Sleeping Dogs Lie”

I don’t know what it is, but this show feels like an old comfortable sweater.   


The Big Bang Theory-“The Maternal Combustion”

Christine Baranski and Laurie Metcalf are simply brilliant, as was the boys’ rendition of “Hard-Knocked Life.”


The Comedians-“Celebrity Guest”

Getting funnier with each episode and Chris Pratt truly is in everything.        


CSI: Cyber-“L0M1s”

Nothing scares me more than unfeeling sociopathic teens.       


Castle-“In Plane Sight”

Planes are a great place for modern mysteries to take place for the same reason trains were the perfect setting for some of Agatha Christie’s best stories:  there is nowhere to escape and only so many places to hide.


The Blacklist-“Quon Zhang“

Red is still refusing some answers, but this show keeps unfolding like an onion.        



Going to be sad when this show ends; fun to watch everyone seem to switch sides.    


The Amazing Race-“Fruits of Our Labor”

Very competitive from top to bottom in Peru.