The Usual Guest Spot: Corellian Run Radio and It's a Trap!

Happy New Year! Over the holidays, Will and I guested on two of our favorite podcasts. Once again, we joined Redna and Ordoo on It's a Trap! This time, we discuss The Force Awakens and are joined by the artist Dave Dorman! 

We were also lucky enough to join Jason and Jessie from Passionately Casual Podcast in Corellian Run Radio's last podcast of 2015. We make SWTOR 2016 predictions and had a blast discussing The Force Awakens. Naturally, I brought with me a host of technical issues sparking the usual shenanigans. 

You can find out all about these amazing shows below.

It’s a Trap! is a podcast run by two friends that love Star Wars. A podcast meant to discuss each piece of the new Disney approved standard of Star Wars Canon with an eye to point out anything new being brought in from the now Legends story arc. We hope to reach people that want to know what happens (and give them a reason to read, watch, or otherwise enjoy the content) or people that have already consumed the story and want to hear our thoughts, what we caught, and hopefully might be willing to let us know what we missed! We are committed to putting out at least fortnightly until such a time as our listeners make us move to a weekly production format.

Corellian Run Radio joined the Star Wars: The Old Republic podcasting community in July 2010.  Hosts Jason and Heather keep things lively with their divergent points of views and wry humor.  We highlight the news associate with events, patches, developer notes and press releases. As hosts we love to talk about our personal experiences playing SWTOR and having fun talking about the game we really enjoy. The website also believes in highlighting those in the SWTOR community.

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