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SWTOR Sacrifice Panel Audio & Pictures

In this special episode from San Diego Comic-Con, the guys attended the Star Wars: The Old Republic Story panel at the Westin Hotel on July 11th. The audio quality isn't too terrible, so if you didn't get to attend the panel, or make the trip to San Diego, there are some great behind the scenes pictures, and footage from the Knights of the Fallen Empire trailer created by Blur Studios

Posted on July 14, 2015 and filed under SWTOR, San Diego Comic-Con.


Choosing the Star Wars universe was a no-brainer considering it is the primary basis for The Usual Podcast, but I should list why.  It changed the landscape of film and popular culture.  It changed the way films and products are marketed, resulting in cross-promotional ties.  Not to mention it is available in practically every medium:  film, television, book, music, video game, comic book, comic strip, variety show, and yes even religion.