The Usual Guest Spot: It's a Trap! Episode 12: Marvel Star Wars Book 1 (Issues 1-6)

Check out our latest guest spot on the It's a Trap! podcast! We join Redna and Ordoo to discuss the first six issues of the Marvel Star Wars comics. Even if you're not following the Marvel Star Wars series, you don't want to miss four Star Wars geeks do what they do best.

Follow this LINK, or click on their awesome Dave Dorman Illustrated logo above to listen in.

It’s a Trap! is a podcast run by two friends that love Star Wars. A podcast meant to discuss each piece of the new Disney approved standard of Star Wars Canon with an eye to point out anything new being brought in from the now Legends story arc. We hope to reach people that want to know what happens (and give them a reason to read, watch, or otherwise enjoy the content) or people that have already consumed the story and want to hear our thoughts, what we caught, and hopefully might be willing to let us know what we missed! We are committed to putting out at least fortnightly until such a time as our listeners make us move to a weekly production format.

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