Join The Usual Podcast Guild!

If you are looking to have a frosty beverage with the guys from The Usual Podcast, look no further than The Shadowlands server! Will and I have started both an Imperial, and Republic guild, and are looking for casual players to fill our ranks.

Imperial Guild: Has a Frosty Beverage

Republic Guild: Offers a Frosty Beverage

We have a guild website, and voice chat using Raidcall. We are looking for mature, laid-back folks, but are certainly open to forming newbie operations groups, running flashpoints, and PvP. We'll be looking for folks to lead these groups eventually, so bear with us as we build this guild from the ground up.

Want to join? Send a whisper in-game to Edjje (Marshall), or Al'eelta (Will), or just ask for Marshall, or Will. You can also apply on our website, and we'll invite as soon as we can. We play mostly in the evenings, but I've been known to lurk in the afternoons. Questions? Send us a message on Twitter, or Facebook. We can't wait to game with you!

Marshall (Brewmaster)

Posted on July 22, 2015 and filed under SWTOR.