By Will Griggs                       

Shows Watched:

·         Last Man on Earth-“Moved to Tampa”

o   How is it possible to like a show so much when I HATE the main character?

·         The Comedians-“Come to the House”

o   Dana Delany will never stop being sexy.

·         Veep-“East Wing”

o   When Selina is the sanest character in the episode, something is wrong.

·         The Big Bang Theory-“The Communication Deterioration”

o   Penny just needs to do Clerks 3 and quit her day job.

·         Scorpion-“Postcards from the Edge”

o   Why is it that main characters can only admit to true feelings when someone is unconscious?       

·         CSI: Cyber-“URL, Interrupted”

o   Yes, cyber-bullying is a major problem; now let’s do something about it.    

·         Castle-“Sleeper”

o   Sure, ignore last season’s cliffhanger for most of the year and expect us to care this much about the payoff? Of course we do.      

·         CSI: Cyber-“Selfie 2.0”

o   Rosanna Arquette is completely unrecognizable in her first appearance in the psych ward.

·         The Amazing Race­-“Back in Business”

o   Hayley makes me yearn for the days of “LENNYYYYY!”

·         The Amazing Race-“Moment of Truth”

o   Namibia is beautiful, and traveling is much easier in an English-speaking country. 

·         Dig-“Trust No One”

o   The title alone shows how the conspiracy is inspired by The X-Files.

·         Orphan Black-“The Weight of this Combination”

o   Nothing worse than waiting for the season premiere of a show you just binged to catch up on.

·         The Odd Couple-“The Unger Games”

o   This show takes its time to create believable interaction between minor characters.

·         Lip Sync Battle-“Terry Crews v. Mike Tyson”

o   Mike Tyson in leather pants. Enough said.    

·         The Comedians-“The Red Carpet”

o   Billy Crystal is introduced to medical-grade marijuana.       

·         The Big Bang Theory-“The Graduation Transmission”

o   More proof that Leonard and Penny truly belong together.  

·         Scandal-“First Lady Sings the Blues”

o   Is it possible for Olivia to find a boyfriend that does NOT work for B613?

·         Dig-“Sisters of Dinah”

o   Things are wrapping up, just don’t kill off the main character.         

·         The Blacklist-“Leonard Caul”

o   I just want to grab Red by the scruff of the neck and yell, “TELL HER!!”

·         The Amazing Race-“Can I Get a Hot Tub?”

o   Riding in a hot tub down the Amstel River? Yes, please.     

·         Orphan Black-“Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis”

o   What was up with that clone threesome?

·         Deadbeat-“The Sexorcism”

o   First time in history where Scrabble got a guy laid.

·         Deadbeat-“The Hot God Contest”

o   This episode was so not Kosher.

·         Deadbeat-“The Knockoff”

o   Gotta love a show that makes a funny joke about bureaucratic miscommunication in the intelligence community… and the Swedish Mafia.

·         Deadbeat-“The Comedium”

o   Sam Bee!!!

·         Deadbeat-“Out of Body Issues”

o   American Apparel + Abercrombie & Fitch = United States of Apparel

·         Deadbeat-“Raising the Dead”

o   Is it even uncomfortable for a ghost to give the sex talk?

·         Deadbeat-“The Calamityville Horror”

o   Ghost sex is always funny. Just ask Dan Ackroyd.

·         Deadbeat-“The Ghost in the Machine”

o   Oh, I get it, a ghost making an argument for metaphysics.

·         Deadbeat-“Sixty Feet Under”

o   How is it I just realized that Lucy DeVito is Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman’s daughter?

·         Deadbeat-“Pieces of Sue”

o   Ok, please tell me that isn’t a piece of Sue, Kevin sticks in his pocket.         


Posted on April 27, 2015 and filed under TV Shows.